Application of Force Majeure Clauses, Acts of God, and Civil Code Section 1511 California business owners have been confronted by COVID-19 with entirely unprecedented challenges, many of which have made it impossible to get work done. For companies struggling to understand their contractual obligations under conditions never imagined when a contract was signed, there are countless…

CDC’s Updated Guidelines for Critical Infrastructure Workers

Department of Fair Employment and Housing Employment Information on COVID-19 FAQ

California Governor Newsom’s Six Key Indicators for Modifying the Stay at Home Order

In this issue:
Sick Employees and Potential Workspace Exposure to COVID-19
Employee Reporting Policies During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Employee Requests to Return to Work Following Illness From or Exposure to COVID-19
Notifying Employees of a Potential Exposure to COVID-19
Governor Newsom’s Announcement to Reopen California

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