About Us

Every day the attorneys at Dunn DeSantis Walt & Kendrick provide savvy, efficient, and custom-tailored legal solutions to professionals and businesses across the spectrum of commercial practice areas we focus upon.

As our client, you will be treated differently than you would by the attorneys at our larger and more inflexible competitors. That’s because every aspect of our approach is intentionally different than the traditional “big firm” approach, starting with a focus on teamwork and collaboration.

We believe strongly that positive results are best achieved through communication with our clients. Every business is different, and every business’s legal needs are unique. So we work closely with our clients to identify what a “win” is for them and then together we design a strategy to achieve victory. We recognize that optimal results can be found inside and outside of the courtroom or the boardroom, and we employ innovative, pioneering strategies to get our clients to the finish line.

Working together with our clients in small teams breeds confidence that the big picture and the sensitive details are all handled with purposeful consideration. Here, you won’t wonder what your attorneys are doing – because the dialogue will always be open. Here, you won’t be surprised by your attorneys – because you will be involved every step of the way, including open discussion about costs and expectations.

We respect our clients. We go the extra mile for them. And it’s our pleasure to do so. Our reward is a diverse family of longstanding clients who recognize our commitment and appreciate the results we deliver. At Dunn DeSantis Walt & Kendrick, we believe that those longstanding relationships are the most valuable aspect of our practice. Join with us. Be valued by your attorneys.

Our clients include:

  • Accountants and accounting firms
  • Architects, engineers and other design professionals
  • Attorneys and law firms
  • Construction companies
  • Corporations
  • Employers and human resource groups
  • Fiduciary and financial industries
  • Healthcare service firms
  • Hospitality and service companies
  • Insurance agents and brokerages
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Medical professionals and services
  • Professional service firms
  • Real estate investment and development
  • Religious organizations
  • Retail businesses
  • Software and technology firms
  • Transportation Industry companies