In this issue:
Extended Employee Furloughs – Strategies and Tips
DLSE Opinion Letters

In this issue:
Alert: Payroll Protection Program (“PPP”) Guidance and Regulations Issued
Final PPP Application
Step-by-step Methodology Calculating “Payroll Costs” and Examples

In this issue:
Alert: IRS Tax Reimbursement Guidance and FFCRA Regulations Issued:
How to Claim Payroll Tax Credits Under the FFCRA – New IRS Guidance
FFCRA Regulations

In this issue:
FAQ & Small Business Support Under the CARES Act
FAQs Regarding the Paycheck Protection Program

In this issue:
New FFCRA Guidance
FFCRA Reimbursement
Tips for Implementing FFCRA Leave

In this issue:
When COVID-19 Makes Performing a Contract Impossible – What Happens?
Application of Force Majeure Clauses, Acts of God, and Civil Code Section 1511

In this issue:
Overview of the Paycheck Protection Program of the CARES Act.

In this issue:
Deadline for Employer Compliance with FFCRA in 5 Days – What Businesses Must Do To Be Ready

In this issue:
Temporary Closures and Employee Furloughs May Trigger Final Pay Requirements
The U.S. Department of Labor Issues Guidance for New Federal Sick Pay and Expanded FMLA Laws
FFRCA Model Notice and FAQ
Free Webinar

In this issue:
California’s Stay At Home Order: What’s an Essential Service?
My Business is Excepted from the Order, What Work and Services can Continue?
Employee Benefits Issues
Managing Employee Health in the Workplace During the Pandemic: Can I Take My Employee’s Temperature?

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